Main reasons of that you benefit from our solving your problems in intellectual property

1. Quality of services

We guarantee high quality of our services. Our services in intellectual property meet to the highest standards because the principal specialist, who is responsible for the services, has a scientific degree, the second higher education in patent matters, magister degree in law, successful experience in intellectual property for more than 15 years, and publications in the field. Besides, the specialist passed examinations and certified as a patent and trademark attorney of the Russian Federation and a Eurasian patent attorney. This specialist is a member of International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI), he has a special background in heuristic methods (methods of creative problem solving), publications in this field, and successful experience of solving nonstandard problems, including those in the field of intellectual property protection.

In providing the services, we analyze your problem comprehensively in order to find the most optimal solution. As a result, you will not make a choice based on insufficient information as well as you will not spare your time and other resources for unpromising variants or consecutive selection of variants of actions. Instead, you will act in the aimed and most cost-efficient manner.

We will trace all procedural terms and remind you about needed actions.

We know obstacles in the registration procedure of objects of intellectual property, so we take measures beforehand, by agreement with you, to minimize risks of refusal in registration by the patent office.

We always organize our work in the way which will prepare a base for our further actions aimed at assertion of your interests in a higher instance, if need be.


2. Full set of the services

We provide the whole set of services related to trade marks, utility models, inventions, and other objects of intellectual property in the Russian Federation. We also provide the whole set of services related to legal protections of inventions protected by Eurasian patents. All you need to do in connection with your issue in the mentioned jurisdictions, you will do with our help (beginning from submission of the application and ending representation of you in courts).

We have established partnership with foreign patent companies in many countries (this list is widening up steadily), which means our constant concern for your interests in intellectual property not only in Russia, but practically worldwide.

In order to deal with your issue, we can involve other specialists for additional cost (in technology, philology, psychology, advertising etc.) with scientific degrees and successful experience in the field.


3. Modern standards of business

In our firm, a regimen on the commercial classified information is established, which provides the needed confidentiality in handling the materials. Working with us, you may be sure that your commercial or personal secrets are handled properly. Access of our employees to the classified materials is strictly organized, respective electronic files are kept and processed with using modern cryptographic means.

We response on any electronic and other correspondence related to our services during two business days (as a rule, during one business day).

We do not accept any forms of corrupt practices. Thus we do not deal in a corruptive manner with patent offices, courts, and other authorities. Successfulness of our activity is based on our confidence in that professionalism and persistence in achieving the aim always lead to positive results. We suggest that you share our confidence of success.


4. Prices for our services

Our pricing procedure is absolutely transparent. It is based on our hourly tariffs established for responsible employees. The tariff used is always clearly stated before the service is provided to the client. Once a service is provided, we give all necessary details on the service and time needed for its providing.

We do not take any hidden commission, when our clients collaborate with our foreign partners responsible for intellectual property in other countries.

In billing our foreign clients, we always use currency exchange rates established by Central Bank of the Russian Federation, not any commission being used.

Our prices include VAT on the applicable rate 18%, we fill the VAT invoice. The VAT sums paid to us can be reckoned toward your future VAT payments, provided that your company pays VAT in Russia as well as in some other jurisdictions.


So when you are with us, you will have the individualized services of the highest rank, which are specifically tailored for solving namely your tasks in your business. The range of our services also complies with the strictest requirements: all you need to do in the field of intellectual property you may do with our help.




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