Main reasons of why you need to register a trade mark

1. You have designed a beautiful name for your company, which is broadly used in your activity. Under this name you are recognized by your clients, so you value your firm name. Quite understandably, you seek an additional protection from unauthorized use of your firm name.

2. You intend to diversify your company activity and decided therefore to establish a row of brands, each of which will be recognized by consumers. In these circumstances, you wish to protect your products against illegal copying.

3. You do not want to obtain a court decree obliging your company to change its firm name because of appearance on the territory of the Russian Federation of another company with an identical or similar firm name (provided that the activities of your company and this another company may intersect first or last).

4. You have a webpage in Internet and you intend to additionally protect your domain name as a trade mark with the certificate acting for 10 years (if need be, the trade mark registration can be prolonged).

5. You have no wish to pay a compensation for an infringement of the exclusive rights on a trade mark which unexpectedly registered for somebody else. The current legislation establishes that the compensation may be up to 5,000,000.00 Russian roubles and should be paid by an infringer despite of the fact its unawareness of the infringement (Article 1515, Civil Code of the Russian Federation).

6. You surely desire to eliminate (or, at least, substantially decrease) the risks of administrative or criminal punishment for illegal use of a trade mark registered unexpectedly for another company, with this trade mark preventing any further use of your old designation.

7. You prefer that your firm name will be written in English when mentioned in Russian mass-media. Meanwhile, you incline to escape claims from the antimonopoly authority due to the infringement of Article 5 of the federal law "On advertisement".

In fact, there is a great deal of the reasons. Contact with us right now and we will help you to clarify why namely you and exactly this time need to register a trade mark. After this you make a choice of the company, which will be responsible to you for qualified services on the matter of registration and legal protection of trade marks and other objects of intellectual property.




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